"I need a loan of $ 2,000 to buy a hairdresser’s sink and chair!" - I thought in September 2014. My parents told me to write a business plan. Business plan? I didn’t even think of doing it. Everything was in my head. What should my business look like, how to manage it, what to buy, and much more. If ideas did not fit in my head, I put it on paper. But not within the strict framework of a business plan. I was sure of success.

After a couple of months, when the rent was paid, the hairdressing equipment was bought, even greater costs appeared, and a real business began. There were different moments, but I lived and managed the largest business in my life to prepare for a great future...

Why is this little story taking place? A short story sometimes makes more sense. What you have in your head and really want to do, you should do! And no barriers and restrictions. I was never afraid to take risks. Whatever it is, there is always a way out of the situation.

About myself

I was the founder and CEO of three companies - "Modernfit" (Belarus, Minsk), "Vernon" (Lithuania, Vilnius), "Studiomix" (Latvia, Riga)

Business area

Beauty salons, pilates studio, fitness clubs, solarium studio
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